On March 16, 2023, Lex Machina hosted a webcast launching Lex Machina’s enhanced Georgia State Court Legal Analytics. The webcast featured Carla Rydholm (Lex Machina’s Senior Director of Product Management), Chuan Qin (Lex Machina’s Product Manager for the Georgia state court release), and David Friedman (Lex Machina’s Customer Success Manager).

During the webcast, panelists showcased and discussed highlights from the analytics and data included in Lex Machina’s enhanced Georgia State Court Legal Analytics. The webcast included a demonstration of how these state court analytics can provide insights and trends on case filing, timing, counsel, parties, and trial resolutions, rulings, and damages.

“Lex Machina provides analytics for data-enabled lawyering,” Carla Rydholm noted. “So at the high level for Georgia, Lex Machina offers analytics for over 360,000 civil trial court cases in 26 courts serving the state of Georgia for cases filed from January 1st, 2016 through present.”

“It’s been incredibly exciting to work on Georgia because I think we’re doing something really new, looking at cases in aggregate over 26 courts all at once,” Chuan Qin observed. “I work with an incredibly smart team, and I’m learning new things every day. And, of course, we’re fulfilling our mission of bringing more transparency to the courts, to the law.”

“This state court data is critically important to have,” David Friedman added, “and the way that I conceptualize this or think about this is – we’re heading into March Madness, as everyone knows. So with March Madness or any sporting event, you have scouting reports [to] help you understand the tendencies, the prior behavior of teams, players, coaches. This is important in the law as well. It’s critically important to understand the prior behavior and tendencies. Courts, judges, law firms, attorneys, parties, what have they done in the past. Then you can make strategic decisions for litigation in Georgia state courts in the future based on what you know of their previous behavior. It’s also important for business development as well. It can help you make strategic decisions from a business development standpoint, not just the litigation standpoint.”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.