On May 25, 2023, Lex Machina hosted a webcast launching Lex Machina’s newly expanded and enhanced real property module. The webcast featured Ellen Chen (Lex Machina’s Legal Data Expert in Real Property Litigation) and Andrew Judson (Lex Machina’s Product Manager), hosted by Aria Nejad (Lex Machina’s in-house counsel).

During the webcast, panelists showcased highlights from the analytics and data included in the full real property module. The webcast included a demonstration of how the real property
module provides insights regarding judges, courts, law firms, attorneys, and parties involved in real property litigation. The speakers discussed how the real property module can reveal trends
in case timing, resolutions, damages, remedies, and findings. The speakers also highlighted the complexities of developing this module and the work that went into ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data and analytics.

“This gives me a really good opportunity to talk about technology-assisted attorney review, and this is something that Lex Machina does that none of our competitors do,” noted Andy Judson. “We work with our engineers and our natural language processing team to essentially automate [tags] on these cases. This essentially can tell you the generality of what’s in a case, but to get the specifics, this is a very complicated case. It’s got cross claims, it’s got a directed verdict, it’s got a jury verdict, it’s got lots of damages, it’s got attorney’s fees going both ways. There is no way to do that or get that information without an attorney looking at the case. . . . [T]his is something that Lex Machina offers that no one else does – all of this detailed judgment and damage information on each individual case – which is how we get these overall trends and the overall damages for the entire module.”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.