On July 14, 2022, Lex Machina hosted a webcast on the recently released Insurance Litigation Report 2022. The webcast featured Ron Porter (Legal Data Expert at Lex Machina) and was hosted by Jonathan Zobrist (Customer Success Manager at Lex Machina).

During the webcast, panelists discussed the latest findings and trends in insurance litigation, including top law firm and party data, most active judges and districts, case filings and resolutions, timing, damages, and more. The new report also features Lex Machina’s new appellate analytics. The report focuses on the last five years and includes trends in auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business interruption insurance, and more. They also discussed the evolving impact of COVID-19.

“Filings of insurance cases in federal court continued to increase in 2021 for the fifth year in a row”, explained Ron Porter. “Case filings in 2021 increased over 15% versus 2020 and 47% over the last five years, clearly a growth industry. Six of the top 10 jurisdictions for insurance case filings are in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Which is not too surprising given the prevalence of hurricane cases in these courts.”

Ron added, “One thing I would say was a bit of a surprise was the number of business interruption cases that continued to be filed in 2021. As I mentioned, the resolution of those cases has been almost uniformly in the insurance company’s favor. And so it surprised me that insureds are continuing to file cases to the level that they did in 2021, simply because the results were just not there and it seems like a big uphill battle.”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.