On March 30, 2023, Lex Machina hosted a webcast on the recently released Consumer Protection Litigation Report 2023. The webcast featured Anya Verkhovskaya (President and CEO of Class Experts Group, LLC), James Vlahakis (Senior Attorney at Vlahakis Law Group LLC), Laura Hopkins (Lex Machina’s Legal Data Expert in Consumer Protection Litigation), and Aria Nejad (Lex Machina’s in-house counsel).

During the webcast, panelists discussed the latest trends in consumer protection litigation over the last three years and offered insights on case filings, most active venues, judges, law firms, parties, timing metrics, case resolutions, findings, damages, and more. The webcast also included a look at case filing trends in connection with federal appellate cases.

“Those are great tools you have because I’ve used all of that to track where trends are going or to monitor other cases to see where they’re going,” James Vlahakis noted. “Sometimes the cases disappear because there’s an enforceable arbitration clause, but the tools you guys have are excellent. It’s one of these things that, talking to lawyers that have been doing this for a long period of time, if they’re not aware of this, they’re missing out because it’s the data you can put together and the ease of finding it. It’s been very helpful in my practice.”

“I just want to talk overall about Lex Machina’s ability to learn what judicial practices are like for each of those and many other judges,” Anya Verkhovskaya added. “We work with a number of judges more often and we know them, but those that we don’t, it’s critical for us to learn more about their decisions, what their concerns are in cases . . . we learn the terminology, the verbiage . . . the words they’re comfortable using . . . . Another feature we like a lot on those judges is that their rulings can be pulled with one click of a button directly from the email. And that’s very convenient.”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.