Lex Machina hosted a webcast on The Impact of Legal Analytics on March 18, 2021. The webcast was moderated by Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, who spoke with Erik Falkenberry of DLA Piper and Evan Shenkman of Fisher Phillips.

They engaged in an enlightening discussion on the recent survey results regarding the use and adoption of Legal Analytics. “Now you see clients expecting that analytics will be used on their cases rather than just available to them, in order to increase the efficiency and the outcome of a particular litigation,” noted Eric Falkenberry. “And there are some firms who started to build those muscles before the client requests started coming in . . . . Everybody feels pressure from clients to use analytics these days.”

“You’re using technology to help drive value, to help drive strategy,” added Evan Shenkman. “It might be to help come up with a more accurate budget. It might be to pick between a magistrate judge or a district judge when you have a choice. It might be if you could do a peremptory challenge in California, figuring out which judges are more susceptible to peremptory challenges by a plaintiff or defendant. It might be to know how long a case might last.”

“The firm down the street is using [Legal Analytics], the client is asking for them,” continued Eric Falkenberry. “And I think it’s going to continue to be driven by the client. I mean, I’ve gotten so many inquiries over the last year, not just ‘do you use this tool?’ but ‘how do you use it?’ And ‘how can we use it to increase efficiency and increase outcomes?’ The questions are a lot more specific and the use cases are a lot more specific.”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.