On February 17th, 2021, Lex Machina hosted a webcast on the Legal Analytics Survey Results 2022: The Impact of Legal Analytics. Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, interviewed Steven Lerner, Senior Reporter at Law360. They discussed the results from the latest Legal Analytics survey conducted in January 2022, which involved responses from 411 U.S. litigators, librarians, and legal business professionals at law firms of varying sizes. Some of the topics covered included: how Legal Analytics users leverage data to their advantage; what are the primary drivers and the benefits of analytics in law; and what has prevented some firms from adopting this technology.

“The very first set of results here in my mind really shows that Legal Analytics is becoming table stakes for litigation,” observed Karl Harris. “68% of Legal Analytics professionals mentioned that they are using Legal Analytics in their practice, and that’s an increase of 7% just from last year, so we’re reaching a point where nearly 7 out of 10 people randomly surveyed in the US are using legal analytics in their practice . . . [And] 98% of users say Legal Analytics is either invaluable or somewhat valuable in their practice and that’s the same number as the last two years. What this tells me is that as more and more people use Legal Analytics, they’re finding it valuable in the practice at the same rate that folks did before, which is a great trend.”

“When I saw the results, I was thinking about a lot of the conversations that I’ve had with law firms,” noted Steven Lerner. “I’ve covered the survey results this year and last year and these results match what I’m seeing, where a lot of law firms are telling me that their attorneys are frequently requesting access to analytics during different stages of a case. It is clear that both users and non-users see value in this type of technology.”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.