On July 28th, Lex Machina hosted a webcast as part of the launch of our new State Motion Metrics. State Motion Metrics allow users to quickly assess their state court motion practice strategy and easily identify winning arguments. The webcast featured Lex Machina’s Carla Rydholm (Senior Director of Product Management), Chuan Qin (Product Manager), and Sherrill Dresnin (Customer Success Manager).

The discussion included some background on the new features and a live demo. They explained:

  • Available motion types
  • Outcomes
  • Timing
  • Judge and court comparison
  • Document searching

Chuan Qin explained the initial launch, “State Motion Metrics enhances the story of what happens in motion practice in state courts. We are covering five different state courts and 37 motion types.”

“It’s so powerful to have the broader story about how your judge has ruled and use those tendencies as much as possible to counsel clients and win your next motion,” said Sherrill Dresnin.

Sherrill described her experience demoing the new feature, “One user, her jaw pretty much dropped when she saw this. And she said that the ability to see how straightforward the charts were, being able to see the grant rates listed there, the grant denial and partial in for each motion type and the comparison to the jurisdiction as well. They really liked the clarity and the ability to actually click right on the numbers and get to the related documents or pleadings.”

For more, view a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.

Learn more about State Motion Metrics.