The Lex Machina team is excited to launch Legal Analytics for class action litigation (the “Class Action Analytics”). Class Action Analytics pertain to cases in which a plaintiff alleges a claim on behalf of a group or class of individuals pleaded as Rule 23 class actions.

Consisting of over 140,000 cases, the new Class Action Analytics includes damages analytics totaling over $178,000,000,000 in approved class action settlement damages, and complete Legal Analytics for each class action settlement including class size, attorneys’ fees, class representative awards, and non-monetary relief.

Class Action Filters

Class Action Analytics incorporates an extensive collection of practice area-specific damages and findings, including approved class action settlement amounts, attorneys’ fees, and class representative awards, and estimated class sizes and non-monetary relief granted for cases with class action settlement awards. Additional class action analytics are available for class certification grants and denials, and reasons for denials. The inclusion of these unique parameters enables users to find the most relevant information and analytics quickly and easily.

With our new Class Action Analytics, you can quickly and efficiently discover insights such as:

  • The top three most active districts by number of class action cases filed are the Southern District of New York, the Central District of California, and the Eastern District of New York.
  • In class action cases terminated from 2018 to 2022, claimants prevailed in 51 cases at trial compared to claim defendants who prevailed in 37 cases at trial.
  • Judge Valerie Caproni from the Southern District of New York had 172 class action cases terminated in 2022, at least one of which involved a class size of over 1 million members.
  • Sessions, Israel & Shartle has the most experience representing defendants in class action cases filed in the Eastern District of New York from 2018 to 2022. Midland Credit Management, Inc. was the most active defendant during that time.
  • The median time to class action settlement for class action cases terminated in the Northern District of California was 919 days.
  • Judge Lorna Schofield from the Southern District of New York awarded $2.5 billion in class action damages from 2018 to 2022.
  • There were 54 class action cases that were denied class certification on the basis of a finding of No 23(b)(3) Predominance and Superiority in the Northern District of Illinois.

Please see the class action datasheet and practice area page for more details.

Depending on your subscription, users can access the Class Action Analytics now.

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